19 October 2017

Friar Keychains

Recently I've made some Friar logo keychains during some downtime at work. Quite a few people asked where they could buy them so I figured I'd put a few of them on Etsy. All profits after material and machine time costs will go to the Friar Forever Athletic Fund. They are made of non-magnetic stainless steel, so they won't ever rust or decay. They can be purchased at https://www.etsy.com/shop/FTVWireShop?ref=l2-shop-header-avatar

08 October 2017

FriarTV Update 10.08.17

So I think I'm gonna be streaming the games on YouTube this season. The biggest reason is that a majority of people just aren't using full-fledged computers anymore, and Flash is next to impossible to get working properly on a phone/tablet. So in keeping with one of  the stated goals of this site, to have as many people as possible watching the Friars worldwide, it's time for an upgrade. In addition to YT being mobile friendly, YouTube can handle the traffic, whereas the shady Flash sites may not be able to when 100 other games are being hosted at the same time. So if you have the bandwidth, you can watch the streams in 1080p. If you don't have a good signal, you can still watch by turning the quality down to 240p. Combine that with the absence of security concerns that come with shady Flash sites, the ability to scrub back and watch a replay on live streams, the option to chat with other Friar fans during the game, and the fact that YouTube's copyright algorithm just isn't where it needs to be to stop live feeds, it really is a no-brainer to make the switch in 2017.

 I will be streaming on an alternate account so I don't lose all the games I have uploaded over the years, juuust in case the channel does get flagged and taken down. And if it does get taken down, I can always just set up a Flash stream in a minute or two, so you'll be covered either way.

 Keep an eye out on Twitter for test streams, and be sure to turn up the quality as high as your bandwidth can handle!

09 September 2017

Pre-Season Update

Welcome back Friar fans! Only another 5 weeks or so until we get our first glimpse of this year's squad in action. Just wanted to give a quick update, there are some significant video quality upgrades coming this season thanks to some new capture hardware, with 1080p60 game replays and plans for a dedicated 720p stream channel. In addition, I'm hoping to soon have something setup that can record radio feeds and Ed Cooley Radio Shows, even when there is no Friars.com stream available (although I'm having trouble with SDR setup, if anyone has any experience with it @me). Super excited to debut these for you guys. This season could be a special one for the Friars, and you can catch every second of it here at FriarTV. 

FYI, Chrome hasn't been playing nice with Flash anymore, so once we get a little closer to the season starting I'll post some instructions on how to make sure your browser is set up to safely watch the new HD game streams.

14 March 2017

PC vs. USC 03.15.17 (NCAA First Four)

Once again all NCAA games are auto-blocked worldwide on Youtube, so I was forced to upload the game to Dailymotion. It can be loaded with ads, so be sure to use adblock. 

EDIT- Even dailymotion is subjected to the NCAA's copyright nazis. If anyone need the second half of this game, send me a message on Twitter and I'll gladly send you a link to download. 



Thanks to everyone who stopped by this season, plenty to look forward to next season. It gets quiet here in the offseason, but be sure to follow @FriarTV on Twitter for recruiting updates and videos.