How To Download

UPDATE 11.19.15

Sites like and work perfectly fine  for the 720p30fps version, but if you want the considerably smoother 720p60fps version with approximately the same file size, you should download the FREE software, 4K Video Downloader (installs w/out toolbars or bloatware of any kind).

Once downloaded (may take a while depending on your bandwidth, for me its about 5 or 6 minutes with 100mbps internet, average full game file size is around 2.5GB for the 720p60 version), I recommend either of these free media players, MPC-HC (works better for me) or VLC Media Playerto playback the videos. 

Though my YouTube account is in good standing now and has been for a few years now, there are no guarantees that it stays that way, so if you want to keep these forever, I encourage you to download them.