18 August 2015

Throwback: 2003 Friars vs. South Florida

Found this and a couple other 2003-04 games while browsing thru old stuff at my mom's house. This was by far Welsh's most talented team, and the peak of his tenure at PC. Look closely and you'll find a young Richard Pitino and Coach Bob Walsh on the home bench.

Stay tuned for a couple more games from this season. If you have any other games taped at home that you'd like to share, contact me at @FriarTV on twitter. 

09 August 2015

Isaiah Jackson Freshman Highlights (GMU Transfer)

After taking a few days to figure out how the hell to extract the video from GoMason.com I was able to put together some highlights from newest Friar Isaiah Jackson's freshman season at George Mason. One thing I liked that may not show in the video was that Jackson was always looking to fast break off rebounds, and has the versatility and capability to go end to end himself if necessary. Jackson will have 3 years of eligibility starting with the 2016-17 season.