30 December 2014

PC vs. Creighton 12.31.14



Also excited to hear about the new FS1 show Inside the Big East, airing weekly on Sundays at 4:00PM. I'll try to have a stream up every week, and at the very least I'll post the Friar-related segments shortly after they air. I might also post the full show as unlisted, but we'll see how the copyright filters react to it when I upload it first. 

21 December 2014

PC vs. Miami 12.22.14



And here is the segment from FS1's pregame, where Coach Cooley gives an inside look at practice. 

19 December 2014

PC vs. UMass 12.20.14


Was bored Sunday, and had alot of the game cut up from making GIFs so I figured I'd put together a highlight package.

Right back at it tomorrow when the Friars travel to Brooklyn to take on Jim Larranaga and Miami. Not loving the late tip, but hey, not gonna complain about being on national TV 95% of our games.

Drew Edwards Highlights from Gonzaga Classic

Put together some highlights of 2015 signee Drew Edwards 34 point performance in a win of Gonzaga (DC) at the Gonzaga DC Classic. Edwards put on a show, scoring in a variety of ways while going head to head against Top 100 guard Bryant Crawford (Wake Forest). I recall some talent evaluator (not local) mentioning that Edwards had an awkward stroke, and I don't get that at all. As I mentioned in my first Edwards video, he's got a smooth, effortless stroke, at least from what I can tell from the less than stellar video quality. Really excited to see the Friars adding a capable scorer to complement their stacked frontcourt next season. 

18 December 2014

Cooley Radio Show 12.18.14


Right Click Here, then "Save As.." to download mp3

And my God do I want to yell at someone at Friars.com for starting LITERALLY every radio feed late, but I really don't wanna piss them off considering the circumstances. It can't possibly be that hard after the first couple times. I don't mind as much during the show tonight as I do missing at least half of every pregame show, which is one of the only parts I care to listen to if a game is on TV (no disrespect to John and Joe).

I should be able to post the replay pretty quickly after it ends tonight. I'll also remove the terrible squealing that they can't seem to figure out on the pay site.

13 December 2014

PC vs. Stony Brook 12.13.14


Kyron Cartwright's Double-Double

And a Dunn making a guy fall GIF/GFY:

Had some skipping issues with the live stream today, it may be my old computer, but it's more likely that the stuttering was just from the servers being overloaded with European football streaming. Soccer feeds are by far the most popular on the internet, and the Friars happened to be playing during their primetime today, unfortunately.

Next weekend's game vs. UMass is on CBSSN, another channel that lots of people seem to not have. I'll stream again if necessary, but keeping my fingers crossed there's at least a couple links so I can sit back and enjoy the game, and not worry about frustrating people with my shitty feed.

10 December 2014

PC vs. URI 12.10.14


Put the two halves together for organization's sake. If I ever get time I might do a John and Joe sync for this game. 

Also wanted to make it known that almost all games have been getting flagged as third party lately via YouTube's Content ID. Thankfully the copyright owners are cool about it, allowing the games to be played in countries all over the world, as far as I know. They do however reserve the right to put ads on the videos, so if you happen to get forced to watch one before a game, I assure you its them, not me trying to make a few cents. If you're on a computer, you can use adblocking software to bypass them automatically.

08 December 2014

PC vs. Brown 12.08.14

Friars lost their hunger somewhere on the way back from Lexington. Need to fix that quick. The video loops back to the beginning with 3 minutes left, the second video below is the final three minutes or so that got cutoff.


05 December 2014

PC vs. Boston College 12.05.14


03 December 2014

Ed Cooley Radio Show 12.02.14

Tested best I could at lunch, first one shows up as 11:38 in length on my phone, and 44:34 on my computer. IDK what thats all about, but I upload the two pieces separately anyway. 

Whole Show(might not work)

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