08 November 2014

PC vs. Stonehill 11.8.14 (Exhibition)

Update 8.00AM 11.8.14 

Audio Replay

MP3 Download

 Apparently since they changed from All-Access to College Sports Live, using Adblock in Chrome makes the stream double. Welcome to the whitelist, Friars.com, and my apologies for that issue, but at least we can mark it solved for all future radio feeds. Very frustrating, and I don't remember a lick of the first half because of it. Thanks a lot to everyone for being cool about it though. 


After a seven and a half month wait, the Friars are finally back, albeit in an exhibition vs. a D2 team. There will not be a video stream during the game, but I will post a radio link closer to gametime which is at 4PM today.

Click here for the free radio stream

My old caster.fm account got closed for lack of activity, so the new one is http://friartv2.caster.fm/ They do this stupid bullshit now where the embeddable widget has a 30 second ad unless the page gets 100 votes, so I'm kindly asking that you click the thumbs up at the top of the page shown here. As far as I can tell, no login is necessary. Until I get the 100 votes, I'll just link the page rather than cripple my blog with ads.