06 March 2014

Video Download Instructions

If you want to download the full games or other videos, the easiest way to do so is using Google Chrome and the YouTube downloader extension from Mandel Design. Naturally  Google blocks this extension from the Chrome App Store, but you can still install it in a few easy steps, and then start downloading away. 

1. Download and Install Google Chrome (if you haven't already for things like Adblock and the like.)

2. Download YouTube Downloader Chrome extension here. Click Keep to start download. 


3. In Chrome, click the three bar menu button in top right corner, Go to Tools > Extensions. 

4. Drag and drop downloaded file anywhere on extension window.

5. Click add to confirm installation.

6. Restart Chrome, go to youtube video you want to download, and see the new menu options. Enjoy!

EDIT- Made this a linked page up top.