28 February 2014

PC at Seton Hall

YESSIR!!! On to Marquette, Tuesday 9PM, be there, be obnoxious.

22 February 2014

PC at Butler

One must win down, 2 to go! PC pulled off an an always difficult BE road win, 87-81 at Hinkle Fieldhouse against Butler.

Uploading now, should be ready in the wee hours of the morning. 

Archived Game

20 February 2014

Ed Cooley Radio Show 2.20.14

If you don't have time to listen, pcbb1917.com posted a thorough recap here.

18 February 2014

PC vs. Villanova

Archived Game

Josh Fortune's Inspiration

13 February 2014

PC vs. DePaul

10 February 2014

PC at Georgetown

07 February 2014

PC at Xavier

04 February 2014

PC vs. St. Johns

01 February 2014

PC at Depaul

Full Game

Up until the first media timeout is shit quality, the rest is in HD.