30 December 2014

PC vs. Creighton 12.31.14



Also excited to hear about the new FS1 show Inside the Big East, airing weekly on Sundays at 4:00PM. I'll try to have a stream up every week, and at the very least I'll post the Friar-related segments shortly after they air. I might also post the full show as unlisted, but we'll see how the copyright filters react to it when I upload it first. 

21 December 2014

PC vs. Miami 12.22.14



And here is the segment from FS1's pregame, where Coach Cooley gives an inside look at practice. 

19 December 2014

PC vs. UMass 12.20.14


Was bored Sunday, and had alot of the game cut up from making GIFs so I figured I'd put together a highlight package.

Right back at it tomorrow when the Friars travel to Brooklyn to take on Jim Larranaga and Miami. Not loving the late tip, but hey, not gonna complain about being on national TV 95% of our games.

Drew Edwards Highlights from Gonzaga Classic

Put together some highlights of 2015 signee Drew Edwards 34 point performance in a win of Gonzaga (DC) at the Gonzaga DC Classic. Edwards put on a show, scoring in a variety of ways while going head to head against Top 100 guard Bryant Crawford (Wake Forest). I recall some talent evaluator (not local) mentioning that Edwards had an awkward stroke, and I don't get that at all. As I mentioned in my first Edwards video, he's got a smooth, effortless stroke, at least from what I can tell from the less than stellar video quality. Really excited to see the Friars adding a capable scorer to complement their stacked frontcourt next season. 

18 December 2014

Cooley Radio Show 12.18.14


Right Click Here, then "Save As.." to download mp3

And my God do I want to yell at someone at Friars.com for starting LITERALLY every radio feed late, but I really don't wanna piss them off considering the circumstances. It can't possibly be that hard after the first couple times. I don't mind as much during the show tonight as I do missing at least half of every pregame show, which is one of the only parts I care to listen to if a game is on TV (no disrespect to John and Joe).

I should be able to post the replay pretty quickly after it ends tonight. I'll also remove the terrible squealing that they can't seem to figure out on the pay site.

13 December 2014

PC vs. Stony Brook 12.13.14


Kyron Cartwright's Double-Double

And a Dunn making a guy fall GIF/GFY:

Had some skipping issues with the live stream today, it may be my old computer, but it's more likely that the stuttering was just from the servers being overloaded with European football streaming. Soccer feeds are by far the most popular on the internet, and the Friars happened to be playing during their primetime today, unfortunately.

Next weekend's game vs. UMass is on CBSSN, another channel that lots of people seem to not have. I'll stream again if necessary, but keeping my fingers crossed there's at least a couple links so I can sit back and enjoy the game, and not worry about frustrating people with my shitty feed.

10 December 2014

PC vs. URI 12.10.14


Put the two halves together for organization's sake. If I ever get time I might do a John and Joe sync for this game. 

Also wanted to make it known that almost all games have been getting flagged as third party lately via YouTube's Content ID. Thankfully the copyright owners are cool about it, allowing the games to be played in countries all over the world, as far as I know. They do however reserve the right to put ads on the videos, so if you happen to get forced to watch one before a game, I assure you its them, not me trying to make a few cents. If you're on a computer, you can use adblocking software to bypass them automatically.

08 December 2014

PC vs. Brown 12.08.14

Friars lost their hunger somewhere on the way back from Lexington. Need to fix that quick. The video loops back to the beginning with 3 minutes left, the second video below is the final three minutes or so that got cutoff.


05 December 2014

PC vs. Boston College 12.05.14


03 December 2014

Ed Cooley Radio Show 12.02.14

Tested best I could at lunch, first one shows up as 11:38 in length on my phone, and 44:34 on my computer. IDK what thats all about, but I upload the two pieces separately anyway. 

Whole Show(might not work)

Right Click "Save As.." to Download MP3


          Right Click "Save As.." to Download MP3


Right Click "Save As.." to Download MP3

30 November 2014

PC vs. Kentucky 11.30.14


FYI, finally updated the schedule page, complete with links to game replays. Much easier way to find game replays you're looking for I imagine.

26 November 2014

PC vs. Yale 11.29.14

The first 5:38 of the game and 6:49 to 5:47 of second half are missing due to computer error and operator error respectively. Overdue hardware upgrades are finalllly coming soon, so mistakes like these will be minimized.  

23 November 2014

PC vs. Notre Dame 11.23.14



22 November 2014

PC vs. Florida State 11.22.14

Rendered a slightly better quality copy, with a 720p option, enjoy.


20 November 2014

PC vs. Navy 11.20.14


17 November 2014

PC vs. Binghamton 11.17.14


and some GIFs

14 November 2014

PC vs. Albany 11.15.14


11 November 2014

2014-2015 Friars Hype Video

Embarrassed to even calculate how much time I spent on this, though most of it was just re-watching games. May it get your juices flowing before the season begins this weekend.

10 November 2014

Ed Cooley Radio Show 11.10.14

Here's the (almost) full replay of tonight's coaches show from earlier this evening, minus the first few minutes where the stream guys at friars.com were having some issues. Happens to the best of us, fellas. Still plenty of good stuff, ads removed.

MP3 Download

08 November 2014

PC vs. Stonehill 11.8.14 (Exhibition)

Update 8.00AM 11.8.14 

Audio Replay

MP3 Download

 Apparently since they changed from All-Access to College Sports Live, using Adblock in Chrome makes the stream double. Welcome to the whitelist, Friars.com, and my apologies for that issue, but at least we can mark it solved for all future radio feeds. Very frustrating, and I don't remember a lick of the first half because of it. Thanks a lot to everyone for being cool about it though. 


After a seven and a half month wait, the Friars are finally back, albeit in an exhibition vs. a D2 team. There will not be a video stream during the game, but I will post a radio link closer to gametime which is at 4PM today.

Click here for the free radio stream

My old caster.fm account got closed for lack of activity, so the new one is http://friartv2.caster.fm/ They do this stupid bullshit now where the embeddable widget has a 30 second ad unless the page gets 100 votes, so I'm kindly asking that you click the thumbs up at the top of the page shown here. As far as I can tell, no login is necessary. Until I get the 100 votes, I'll just link the page rather than cripple my blog with ads. 

02 November 2014

Bill Raftery's Big East Preview Show (FS1)

Here's all the Friar stuff. If your using the latest Chrome, turn the quality to 720p60 in the first video for an ultra-smooth experience. Can't tell you how long I've been waiting for YouTube to support 60 FPS video, which it looks like they just implemented in the last couple days. Such a better experience for sports, looks like full game replays will be getting another upgrade this year. 

And here's the full show.

Didn't bother rendering the full version at 60 FPS to save time, but still in decent HD quality. Only 720p still processing, 360p is good to go. 

18 October 2014

Late Night Madness 2014

Cox had excellent coverage last night of the 2014 Late Night Madness from Alumni Hall. By all accounts, Cooley and crew have outdone themselves once again. Here's the full replay courtesy of Cox.


I'll be uploading it to Youtube shortly as well for those who mentioned they couldn't access that.


15 October 2014

Ed Cooley Radio Show 10.15.14

Here's the full replay of tonight's Ed Cooley Radio Show, which aired live from the PC campus earlier tonight. My apologies for the lack of a live stream, oversight on my part during a busy day, next show (11/10) will be streamed, provided the All-Access feed is working. If for some reason you can't listen, Mike at pcbb1917.com has kindly posted a nicely organized transcript here

Right click this link, and click "Save Link As.." (or "Save target as" on IE)  to download as MP3.

Had no idea archive.org allowed uploads, best (only?) site there is for cached webpages from early internet days up to present.

05 September 2014

Friars New #1 Target: Justin Robinson

Here's the first video I made, from the spring/summer AAU season of 2013, where Robinson played with Hokies Elite. All footage is courtesy of Raymond Griffith.

This second one is a longer look, with highlights from his junior year at St. James in Hagerstown, MD, and is thanks to loads of video creators I credit in the video's description.

As you can see, Robinson is lightning quick, has outstanding court vision, and can score when necessary off penetration, or with his range that extends to the 3-point line. Should he choose Providence, it wouldn't surprise me to see him backing up Dunn for a year, then being handed the keys his sophomore year, with Dunn entering the NBA Draft early after graduating in 2016 (following a deep tourney run, of course).

02 September 2014

Drew Edwards Highlights

I was able to cut some highlights up from Drew Edwards 2013 AAU campaign, thanks to Youtube user Raymond Griffith. After watching eight of his games in full, I really think Cooley got a good one. Edwards plays well within a structured offense, which IMO could translate to immediate minutes for him at either guard spot. I'll be looking forward to following his progress during his senior season.

11 April 2014

BET Championship Rooke and Hassett Version

I'm a big fan of Gus and Raff, but they can't compete with John Rooke and Joe Hassett as far as capturing the feelings and emotions of every Friar fan on the night PC won the BET Championship. The whole game just feels more exciting, and the end of the game still gives me legitimate chills every single time. Great call by two great broadcasters.

06 April 2014

Kyron Cartwright Mix (2014 PG Verbal)

There wasn't all that much as far as Kyron-specific highlights, so I took the liberty to piece together what I could from the team highlight vids from the good folks at Gazettes Sports. Granted they didn't show many bad plays, but I came away more impressed by Cartwright than I was going into making the video. I can see Kyron fitting nicely into a 10-15mpg backup role next season should he choose the Friars. With the departure of Fortune, and no other additions as I'm writing this on June 13, 2014, Kyron may be relied upon for more than that. Good IMO, throw him right into the fire, it'll be better for him in the long run. 

Kyron Cartwright Mix

04 April 2014

Jalen Lindsey Highlights

vs. #6 La Lumiere (IN) [Quarterfinals]

vs #1 Montverde (FL) [Semifinals]

02 April 2014

Ryan Fazekas Highlights

The first verbal commitment of the 2015 recruiting class, Ryan Fazekas, went off for 34 points and 10 boards in the Indiana 1A State finals, as he and Marquette Catholic (Michigan City, IN) defeated Barr-Reeve in OT 70-66. I put together a quick reel of his big night below, you can watch the full game here, albeit in this same not-so-great quality.

Fazekas Highlights

UP NEXT - Jalen Lindsey (2014 signee) and Huntington Prep play tomorrow (Thursday) at Noon against La Lumiere in the Dick's National High School Tournament. The game will be nationally televised on ESPNU, with a chance for 2 more TV games on ESPN2 with victories. The tourney is made up of 7 of the top 8 HS teams in the country. Click here for more info and the tournament bracket.

Check back in later in the week for some new Lindsey highlights!

28 March 2014

Dunks for Donovan

Information from website

Let's introduce you to Donovan; an amazing 14 year old boy who is battling Lafora disease. Lafora disease, also known as "Lafora Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsy" (MELF) is a fatal recessive genetic disorder. In layman's terms... Lafora disease is a severe, and extremely rare form of epilepsy. 

Unfortunately, Donovan's family is all too familiar with Lafora disease. Donovan's older sister, Mallorie, passed away on March 20, 2013 of the same illness. There are only 20 cases of Lafora disease known throughout the world, and only 2 pairs of siblings with it; Donovan and his sister Mallorie were one of them. Doctors estimate that Donovan suffers some kind of seizure every 10 seconds...can you help?

Our goal is to raise funds for Donovan to support his current medical care and extensive bills. At one point, Donovan needed to be transported via med-flight to Children's Hospital in Boston and that bill is an astounding $15,000! This is just one of the many bills that Donovan's family is being forced to deal with in their daily lives...

In addition, we will also be supporting Donovan a.k.a. "The Purple Friar" by creating a 3 on 3 basketball tournament at Providence College to be held this Spring. Donovan loved playing basketball, and now loves watching his favorite team; the 2014 Big East Champion Providence College Friars!

He is a part of the Friar family! Every amount donated will go DIRECTLY to Donovan's care.

-Liz Aube-VanPatten

Please click below to begin the donation process.

20 March 2014

PC vs. North Carolina (NCAA Tournament)

Full Game Replay

Thank you to Coach Cooley and the rest of the Friars for a terrific season. I have a feeling its just the tip of the iceberg for this program.

 Thanks to everyone for the kind words throughout the season. I'm planning on doing some mixes and original recruiting videos this spring/summer, so stay tuned for that! Next year begins today!

15 March 2014

PC vs. Creighton (BET Finals)

Full Game Replay

Postgame Videos

14 March 2014

PC vs. Seton Hall (BET Semifinals)

Full Game Replay (processing)

11 March 2014

PC vs. St. John's (Big East Tournament)

Well that was fun. Somehow I lost the sound to (most of) the replay, and have no way of recovering it. I would just sync up the radio feed to it, but All-Access took that night off. I'll upload it anyway as is, just pretend you hate the announcers.

Full Game Replay (processing)

07 March 2014

PC at Creighton

HD Version

06 March 2014

Video Download Instructions

If you want to download the full games or other videos, the easiest way to do so is using Google Chrome and the YouTube downloader extension from Mandel Design. Naturally  Google blocks this extension from the Chrome App Store, but you can still install it in a few easy steps, and then start downloading away. 

1. Download and Install Google Chrome (if you haven't already for things like Adblock and the like.)

2. Download YouTube Downloader Chrome extension here. Click Keep to start download. 


3. In Chrome, click the three bar menu button in top right corner, Go to Tools > Extensions. 

4. Drag and drop downloaded file anywhere on extension window.

5. Click add to confirm installation.

6. Restart Chrome, go to youtube video you want to download, and see the new menu options. Enjoy!

EDIT- Made this a linked page up top. 

04 March 2014

PC vs. Marquette

Hey guys, as you may have noticed, I'm okay at capturing things from TV, and I have access to lots of channels. However as someone who works 6 or 7 days a week, I often forget about coaches shows (WJAR for one), TV/Radio appearances, FS1 segments (missed Cotton one) etc. So, I am kindly asking all my followers and visitors of this blog that if you see or hear of any shows/segments/whatever PC-related media that you think Friar fans would want to see, please let me know ahead of time at @FriarTV on twitter and I'll do my best to grab it and post it. Though I'm not home all that often, I do have access to the computer I record from remotely most of the time.

TL;DR : If there is upcoming Friar-related media you know of that might not make its way to the internet, give me a mention @FriarTV and I'll do my best to make it available. 

28 February 2014

PC at Seton Hall

YESSIR!!! On to Marquette, Tuesday 9PM, be there, be obnoxious.

22 February 2014

PC at Butler

One must win down, 2 to go! PC pulled off an an always difficult BE road win, 87-81 at Hinkle Fieldhouse against Butler.

Uploading now, should be ready in the wee hours of the morning. 

Archived Game

20 February 2014

Ed Cooley Radio Show 2.20.14

If you don't have time to listen, pcbb1917.com posted a thorough recap here.

18 February 2014

PC vs. Villanova

Archived Game

Josh Fortune's Inspiration

13 February 2014

PC vs. DePaul

10 February 2014

PC at Georgetown

07 February 2014

PC at Xavier

04 February 2014

PC vs. St. Johns

01 February 2014

PC at Depaul

Full Game

Up until the first media timeout is shit quality, the rest is in HD.

30 January 2014

PC at Marquette

25 January 2014

PC vs. Xavier

Full Game

23 January 2014

Ed Cooley Radio Show 1.23.14

All this winning has me motivated, so I cut up and reuploaded tonight's Ed Cooley Radio Show. It is available for download (.mp3) if you wanna do it podcast style.

21 January 2014

PC vs. Butler

18 January 2014

PC vs. Creighton

Full Game


16 January 2014

PC at St. John's

HD Replay

08 January 2014

PC vs. Georgetown

Wasted alot of time on a bad render, so only have first half in HD as of now.

First Half

Second Half

05 January 2014

PC at Villanova

Yeesh. Have a copy, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to rewatch, but I'll put it up soon, sorry work has been insane.