31 December 2013

PC vs. Seton Hall

I deleted the file by accident! I wish Fox Sports 1 had web replays like ESPN3. They're really lacking with the online presence.

27 December 2013

PC at UMass

21 December 2013

PC vs. Maine

Full Game Replay

16 December 2013

PC vs. Yale

Full Game Replay

04 December 2013

PC vs. URI

No HD replay unfortunately, couldn't record during stream, and there are no reruns upcoming on CBSSN.

Full Game Replay [360p]

03 December 2013

PC vs. Kentucky

Sorry about the second half, internet was completely out till after the game. Luckily there was a much better stream available at UKbasketballlive.com. Here is the HD replay of PC's loss, courtesy of that same site.