31 December 2013

PC vs. Seton Hall

I deleted the file by accident! I wish Fox Sports 1 had web replays like ESPN3. They're really lacking with the online presence.

27 December 2013

PC at UMass

21 December 2013

PC vs. Maine

Full Game Replay

16 December 2013

PC vs. Yale

Full Game Replay

04 December 2013

PC vs. URI

No HD replay unfortunately, couldn't record during stream, and there are no reruns upcoming on CBSSN.

Full Game Replay [360p]

03 December 2013

PC vs. Kentucky

Sorry about the second half, internet was completely out till after the game. Luckily there was a much better stream available at UKbasketballlive.com. Here is the HD replay of PC's loss, courtesy of that same site.

28 November 2013

PC vs. Fairfield

Full Game Replay ~11:30 EST.

25 November 2013

PC vs. Maryland (Paradise Jam Finals, USVI)

Full Game Replay (Caution: Hideous)

24 November 2013

PC vs. LaSalle (Paradise Jam Semis, USVI)

Full Game Replay

23 November 2013

PC vs. Vanderbilt (Paradise Jam @ USVI)

Full Game Replay

HD now available.

22 November 2013

PC vs. Vermont

Managed to piece this together anyway, meh quality, but good enough. Will be ready at ~1:30 AM EST.

Full Game Replay

16 November 2013

PC vs. Marist

Full Replay


12 November 2013

PC vs. Brown

Full Game Replay

08 November 2013

PC vs. Boston College

Full Game Replay

04 November 2013

Coaches Show 11/4/13

As requested, I'll have the Ed Cooley Radio Show up live when it starts at 7pm. Hopefully he has some good news on Dunn.

30 October 2013

Welcome Back! Providence vs. Rhode Island College (Exhibition)

Friars win handily, but lose Dunn to shoulder injury.

25 August 2013

PC Elite Camp Condensed Scrimmage with Abdul Mailk Abu, Jared Terrell, Paschal Chukwu and More..

Finally got around to uploading the scrimmage from Ed Cooley's Providence Elite Camp, including Friar 2014 targets Abdul Malik-Abu, Jared Terrell, Paschal Chukwu, 2015 taget Donvan?? Mitchell, and recent Syracuse commit Kaleb Joseph. I was running out of space on my phone so I only record the parts when that unit was on the floor. My apologies for not getting any Josh Sharma or Tomas Murphy footage.

As an aside, Youtube's stabilization software is AMAZING. You wouldn't believe how shaky the raw video was.

27 March 2013

PC vs. Baylor

Bring on 2013-14!

24 March 2013

PC vs Robert Morris

Tune in at 7:00 for PC vs. Robert Morris in the second round of the NIT.  If you're interested in watching on your smartphone/tablet, I wrote up some instructions for Android/iOS devices.

23 March 2013

Mobile Streams

Just wanted to make sure everyone know that FriarTV can also be viewed on Android and iOS devices.

Android - Free

1. Install Flashfox from the Play Store.
2. Enjoy.

iPad/iPhone - $4.99 for flash-enabled browser.

1. Install iSwifter* from the App Store.
2. Use the Veemi link within Firefox for the FriarTV stream, as it is ad-free and faster loading.

*iSwifter is the only flash-enabled browser I tested, as I don't own any iOS devices. It is free for the first 7 days then $4.99 afterward. Skyfire ($4.99) and others have similar functionality and should work, I just can't say for sure, since they don't have a trial period.  

20 March 2013

PC vs. Charlotte: NIT First Round


Had some overheating issues with my computer during the last game which caused some feed outages in the first half. Hoping things work after a good cleaning so we won't run into the same problem for the Robert Morris game.


26 January 2013


No live stream, got no time, but heres a link....


Sorry for any incovenience.

21 January 2013

PC vs. Pittsburgh

Adios Pitt.

19 January 2013

PC vs. Villanova

The Friars battled to get there second Big East victory, beating Villanova in a game plagued by a whistle every 3 freakin' seconds. There was an obvious lack of flow, but the Friars played well enough to win, carried by their solid defense and offensive rebounding. Next up is Pitt at the Dunk on Tuesday, hopefully they send off the traitors in style.

16 January 2013

PC vs. Georgetown

Damn yo.

13 January 2013

PC at Seton Hall

Road Win!

09 January 2013

PC vs. Syracuse

Heading into game and can't get stream to work. Sorry, hopefully this link works.

If not, this is an option as well.

05 January 2013

PC vs. Depaul


02 January 2013

PC vs. Louisville

Sorry so late, live now!