12 April 2012

Ian Baker Mixtape

Ian Baker of Arlington Country Day is the latest Friar to join the fold. I was fortunate enough to find a few full ACD games from the last two years, and I came away fairly impressed with Baker's game. A few notes:

  • Baker seemed to play more off-guard his Junior year, then took over the point his Senior season. 
  • He was very active defensively, at least when they were playing man, and seemingly always covered the best player on the opposing team. He did a good job shutting down Felix Balamou (who looked spectacular) of Our Savior after he ran off ~12 straight points.
  • 2-6 from the FT line 
  • The final highlight Baker dunks on none other than Chris Obekpa.

If you want to watch the full games, I'd recommend this one from the 2012 SIAA Tourney, or this one from 2011 against Obekpa's Our Savior New American.