10 March 2012

NCAA March Madness On Demand

As if plastering the stadium with ads, stretching a forty minute game to two hours to fit TV commercials, and covering the webpages with ads wasn't enough to deal with, the greedy scumbags at CBS have decided to charge for their live online streams during this year's NCAA Tournament. Sure its only four bucks, but still, alot of people are going to be upset Thursday afternoon.

I happened to come across a promotion that will give you access to the streams for free, however.

You can get free promotional code thanks to Coca-Cola.
I assume this will work only for people in US, Text 0YOURTEAMNAMEHERE (Example 0DUKE or 0SYRACUSE or 0VILLANOVA or 0KANSAS etc.) to 2653 and you will get a promotional code. Then go to http://ncaa.com/cokezero and sign up with that code you receive and get free access without needing to pay.
This already been posted all over the place so who knows how long this will go for so better act fast.

I believe this is US-only, sorry international followers, but there will absolutely be streams available at this forum.