28 December 2012

PC at Brown

The Friars head across town to Brown for the first time in awhile, as they take on the Bears at 7:00EST. Catch the game live on NBC Sports Network and right here on FriarTV.

21 December 2012

PC vs. Boston College

Fuck BC.

17 December 2012

PC vs. Colgate

The Friars made a statement in their 79-46 win over Colgate, showing just how dangerous they can be with even a little depth and guys playing their natural positions. If you weren't able to catch the game, or you just want to see Dunn's debut and the rest of the Friars again, I'm in the process of converting then uploading the full game video to youtube. I'll be sure to put it right here as soon as its ready.

06 December 2012

PC vs. URI

Five straight, and reinforcements on the way!

01 December 2012

PC vs. Mississippi St.


27 November 2012

PC vs. Holy Cross


22 November 2012

PC vs. Fairfield

Friars win again!

18 November 2012

PC vs. UNC-Asheville

Good Morning! PC takes on UNC Asheville at 11AM today in the seventh place game. I've got a golf tournament, so I won't be able to monitor the feed very much. I apologize if it goes out, and if I catch it I'll try to fix it.

16 November 2012

PC vs. Penn State

Tip off at 7:30!

15 November 2012

PC vs. UMass

UPDATE: 11.15.12 9.51 PM 

As painful as that finish was, I'm extremely proud to be a Friar tonight. If the Friars give half that effort the rest of the way and are somehow able to get healthy, this is a tournament team. 

The good news is the Friars don't have much time to dwell on the loss, as they take on Penn State tomorrow night at the same time, 7:30 PM EST. The game will be broadcast right here at FriarTV. 

The Friars are in Puerto Rico to take on local rival UMass tonight at 7:30PM EST. You can catch the game right here at FriarTV, as well as on ESPNU and ESPN3 (where available). I should be home in time for the pregame stuff, so tune in around 7PM for the word from John and Joe.

11 November 2012

PC vs. Bryant

UPDATE: 11/12 9.25 PM: 

The shorthanded Friars had no trouble with the undersized Bryant team, pounding the Bulldogs 81-49, and moving to 2-0 on the season. Next up for Cooley's squad is a trip to Puerto Rico to take on UMass Thursday night on ESPNU at 7:30. You can catch this game and every other Friars game this season, without subscriptions or fees, right here at FriarTV.

 With Vincent Council going down in the first five minutes of the game with a strained hamstring, NJIT proved to be a much tougher test than the Friars could have imagined. The Friars narrowly escaped by a 64-63 margin, but questions surround the status of Council. It seems unlikely he'll play tomorrow, but it is unsure whether or not he'll be ready for the teams upcoming tournament in Puerto Rico.

Nevertheless, the Friars and their ever-shortening bench take on Bryant, Monday at 7PM. The game can be seen on Cox for those in RI, streaming ESPN3, (subject to blackouts, check this map for availability) and right here.

I'll try to have the pregame audio up at 6:30, but be warned, All-Access coverage sometimes doesn't begin till almost tip-off. I'm within earshot of 103.7 now, so I'll do my best to get the actual radio pregame feed going at some point this year.

For newcomers, the ads on the stream are NOT mine; don't click on them, they could lead to spam, malware, fraudulent software, etc. ignore them, let them pass, or (the best option) use Chrome and Adblock and never see them again.

My streams are always 16:9, so be sure to click the 16:9 button in the bottom right corner for optimal viewing.

10 November 2012


Hey guys! Long time no see, sorry for the hiatus, I've been putting in crazy hours at work. The Friars are back in action this afternoon as they face off against the NJIT Highlanders. You can catch the live action right here at FriarTV, and I'm assuming a bit of the pregame will be available as well. Check back in around 1:30 for updates.

Enjoy the game and Lets Go Friars!

13 May 2012

Vincent Council Junior Season Mixtape

While the Friars had their struggles this past season, Vincent Council proved himself to be an elite level point guard not only in the Big East, but in the entire country. Thankfully for us Friar fans, Council has announced his intention to return for his Senior season.

Here's all the best stuff from VC's 2011-2012 campaign.

Happy Mother's Day!

01 May 2012

Carson Desrosiers 2011-12 Highlights from WakeForestSports.com

Carson Desrosiers, a 7'0'' center from Windham, NH, is the latest Friar to get on board. A transfer from Wake Forest, Desrosiers will have to sit out the 2012-13 season, and will join the team the following year as a junior.

This video was made entirely by WakeForestSports.com, though it was kinda hard to find, there was no mobile version, and the aspect ratio was all off, so I figured I'd reupload it. Kudos to them for throwing it together, and for "allowing" me to use it.

29 April 2012

LaDontae Henton Freshman Season Mixtape

Its been a while since a Friar had a freshman campaign like LaDontae Henton. Averaging 14.3 points per game, a team high 8.6 rebounds per game, and shooting an impressive 40.2% from three, Henton was named to the BE All-Rookie Team.

After cutting up ~25 games into 130 or so Henton highlights, here's the best of Buckets, all tidied up into a three and a half minute package. 

15 April 2012

Dunn and Ledo Jordan Brand Classic Highlights

Lots more commentary than highlights, rough night for our guys, but I'm certainly not worried.

14 April 2012

Jordan Brand Classic

Dunn and Ledo team up for the first time tonight in the Jordan Brand Classic in Chicago. ESPN and ESPN3 have the coverage starting at 7, but it'll be up here, too.

Though I'm excited to see these two on the same team, these games have been painful to watch. If two hours of terrible basketball is too much for you to get through, I'll probably have Dunn and Ledo highlights up sometime Sunday.

12 April 2012

Ian Baker Mixtape

Ian Baker of Arlington Country Day is the latest Friar to join the fold. I was fortunate enough to find a few full ACD games from the last two years, and I came away fairly impressed with Baker's game. A few notes:

  • Baker seemed to play more off-guard his Junior year, then took over the point his Senior season. 
  • He was very active defensively, at least when they were playing man, and seemingly always covered the best player on the opposing team. He did a good job shutting down Felix Balamou (who looked spectacular) of Our Savior after he ran off ~12 straight points.
  • 2-6 from the FT line 
  • The final highlight Baker dunks on none other than Chris Obekpa.

If you want to watch the full games, I'd recommend this one from the 2012 SIAA Tourney, or this one from 2011 against Obekpa's Our Savior New American.

11 April 2012

ESPNU Signing Day Special featuring Dunn and Ledo

Bazz to UCLA, Noel to UK. Sigh. At least we got some good press. Check it out below.

10 April 2012

Dunn and Ledo HS All-American Games Mix: Part One

Sure, the three C's have become the singular C, but by all accounts these two will still be suiting up in October.

 Here's some highlights of Kris Dunn and Ricky Ledo from both the McDonald's game and All-American Championship, with some of the kind words from each broadcast regarding Cooley and his first recruiting class mixed in.


09 April 2012

DraftExpress Kris Dunn Interview

The folks over at DraftExpress.com interviewed Kris Dunn during the McDonald's All-American festivities in Chicago. Seems like a great kid with an even better mindset. Can't wait till October.

01 April 2012

All-American Championship

This afternoon Ricardo Ledo is taking part in the All-American Championship in New Orleans. The game can be seen live right here and at ESPN3.com at 3:00PM, and is being rerun on ESPNU at 9PM.

Edit-The above website says the East-West game is first, but ESPN3 says its North vs. South at 3PM, then Ledo's game at 4:30. We'll see.

24 March 2012

McDonald's All American Game

Coming up tonight at 9:30PM EST in Chicago is the McDonald's All-American game, and for the first time since 1995, the Friars have a participant in that game, in the form of Kris Dunn.

This is the first of three HS All-American games to be livestreamed at FriarTV. The All-American Championship, featuring Nerlens Noel, Chris Obekpa, and Ricky Ledo, will be streamed on Sunday April 1st. Finally, the Jordan Brand Classic, which has Ledo and Dunn paired up on the same team for the first time, will be streamed on April 14th.

10 March 2012

NCAA March Madness On Demand

As if plastering the stadium with ads, stretching a forty minute game to two hours to fit TV commercials, and covering the webpages with ads wasn't enough to deal with, the greedy scumbags at CBS have decided to charge for their live online streams during this year's NCAA Tournament. Sure its only four bucks, but still, alot of people are going to be upset Thursday afternoon.

I happened to come across a promotion that will give you access to the streams for free, however.

You can get free promotional code thanks to Coca-Cola.
I assume this will work only for people in US, Text 0YOURTEAMNAMEHERE (Example 0DUKE or 0SYRACUSE or 0VILLANOVA or 0KANSAS etc.) to 2653 and you will get a promotional code. Then go to http://ncaa.com/cokezero and sign up with that code you receive and get free access without needing to pay.
This already been posted all over the place so who knows how long this will go for so better act fast.

I believe this is US-only, sorry international followers, but there will absolutely be streams available at this forum.

06 March 2012

05 March 2012

Final PC Coaches Radio Show: BET Edition

Just heard on my way home from work that there is going to be one more Coaches Show, starting tonight at 7. The feed can be found free on the Friars All-Access page, but the FriarRadio page will stream it as well,  serving as a mobile version for those with Androids or iPhones.

04 March 2012

PC vs. Seton Hall 1.7.12 Replay

The Friars drew Seton Hall in the Opening Round of the Big East Tournament. The game starts at 7PM on ESPNU, and can be seen right here. I'm giddy with excitement already, game can't come soon enough.

Here's the full replay from their 1.7.12 meeting, which ended in a 66-57 loss.

I wouldn't think this would last very long on Youtube, but then again I feel better about it after getting some footage from full games on user freebasketballgames's channel for the Sanchez video. I guess we'll see what happens, in the mean time, take a look to see what went wrong for the Friars in the first go-round. 

03 March 2012

Big East Bonus Coverage

Its the last day on the regular season in the Big East, and there's loads of meaningful games and ranked matchups, I'll try my best to stream them all.

  • 12:00 - Pitt @ UCONN (will check in on WVU @ USF as well)
  • 2:00 -  12 G'Town @ 7 Marquette 
  • 4:00 -  2 Syracuse @ 18 Louisville
  • 6:00 -  Seton Hall @ Depaul (Duke-UNC at 7 likely)
*Edit: Looks like we're playing UCONN Seton Hall at 7PM on Tuesday.

02 March 2012

PC vs. Notre Dame

The Friars wrapped up the regular season with a 75-69 loss to the Irish, to finish at 4-14 and 15th place in the BE.

Next up is the Big East Tournament, where the Friars are locked into the 7PM game on Tuesday night against either UCONN or WVU. FriarTV will have the feed as usual.

28 February 2012



26 February 2012

Josh Fortune Revisited: The Kecoughtan Mixtape

Threw together some highlights of Josh Fortune's season at Kecoughtan. The last highlight video pretty much showcased Fortune's shooting exclusively, since that was all he was asked to do on a loaded Boo Williams squad. Surrounded by very good, but no high major level talent outside of Rajay Bullock, Josh has been forced to do a bit more ballhanding, distributing, and even post defending.

 Special thanks to 757preps.com and CoxHamptonRoads for the footage.

25 February 2012

PC vs. Depaul Videos

I put together some highlights of this afternoon's 73-71 victory.

And the last two possessions, showing Henton's heroics.

PC vs. Depaul

Yeah muthafucka, we got one! Looks like we got a night game at MSG. Highlights upcoming. 

22 February 2012

Orlando Sanchez Highlight Video

Had the day off, so I figured I'd scour the web for some videos of Orlando Sanchez and throw together highlights of what I could find. There wasn't much out there for source video so its pretty short, but even still its evident that Sanchez would immediately provide some much needed size and athleticism to a weak PC frontcourt. Rumors have been circulating that Orlando is all but signed with the Friars, but nothing official has been announced.


20 February 2012

WJAR-10 Coaches Show

So apparently WJAR-10 is still running their PC 's Coaches Show. I kind of lost track of it during the Keno years, but Frank Carpano hosts Ed Cooley every Sunday night at 11:30 during the season. I'll try to upload them every week, so you out of towners can catch the blackest hair in local news shoot the shit with Big Ed.

17 February 2012

PC vs. Georgetown

Soooo nothing worked, on this website anyway, hopefully the firstrow feed was ok. Sure, you  only missed out on a shitload of bad shooting, but I still feel terrible. Sorry Friar fans, things will be back to normal for the Depaul game without question.

16 February 2012

Coaches Show

FriarRadio will also now be broadcasting the Coaches Show live on Thursday nights as well. Though it is available for free on the Friars All-Access page, FriarRadio will make the feed a bit more mobile-friendly. Tune into the FriarRadio page to listen in Thursday's at 7PM EST, starting tonight!

14 February 2012

PC vs. Cincinnati

The Friars are in Cincinnati to take on the Bearcats at 9PM EST on Wednesday night. Tune into ESPNU or ESPN3.com (blackout free) to watch, or if those aren't available to you, watch right here at FriarTV.

For those on the go, a radio-only broadcast will also be available on the new FriarRadio page.

11 February 2012

PC vs. South Florida

The Friars get their second shot at the USF Bulls this afternoon at 4PM EST. ESPN3's got the coverage (no blackouts), and FriarTV's got the international crowd and those with broke ISPs covered. Additionally there will be a radio-only feed on the FriarRadio page.

06 February 2012

PC vs. Villanova

Sometimes I hate my obsession.

03 February 2012

PC vs. West Virginia

The Friars lose a heartbreaker, in a terrible day for New England sports fans. Ugh.

01 February 2012

PC vs. Rutgers

The Friars got the W! Threw together some highlights, enjoy.

27 January 2012

PC vs. South Florida

The Friars travel to Tampa to take on the surprising Bulls of USF on Sunday at 2PM EST. This one is an ESPN3 exclusive with no blackouts, but for those without ESPN3 altogether, there will be a feed right here as well.

25 January 2012

PC vs. Pittsburgh

The Friars lose again, in a game painfully reminiscent of the Keno era. You can do better fellas.

21 January 2012

PC vs. Marquette

The Friars couldn't keep pace with the hot shooting Marquette Golden Eagles, and lost their second straight.

13 January 2012

PC at Syracuse

PC had no shot without Council, but fought hard anyway in a 22-point loss.

10 January 2012

PC vs. Louisville

PC absolutely trounced 15th ranked Louisville, 90-59, in the first of many Big East W's for Ed Cooley. FriarBasketball.net put together a reel of the beating. Enjoy.

07 January 2012

PC vs Seton Hall

The Friars fell to 0-4 in the Big East against what is currently the 24th ranked team in the country, Seton Hall. The full game replay is up at ESPN3.com and will be here once they take it down.

04 January 2012

PC vs. Syracuse

Friars lose in a game effort, replay will be up soon.