30 December 2011

PC vs. Georgetown

PC lost an uggo 49-40. I'm getting lazy, replay is at ESPN3 for the next week or so. I'll put it up when they take it down.

26 December 2011

PC vs. St. Johns

I can't muster up the courage to make a replay or highlights of that game, so we'll pretend that it doesn't exist and move on for the time being.

22 December 2011

PC vs. Rhode Island

PC won its seventh straight, beating rival URI 80-61 at the Ryan Center. Here's the replay in case you missed it, or if you just want to watch the beautiful drubbing again.

In addition to the full game archive, I also threw together some highlights. Enjoy!

Full Archived Game

First Half

Second Half

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20 December 2011

PC vs. New Hampshire

PC wins again, beating UNH 67-52.  Ad pops up in new window/tab, close it, find the FriarTV window and the play button should then be green and ready to go.
First Half

Second Half (fixed)

10 December 2011

PC vs. Bryant

PC won ugly in a game much closer than expected, beating Bryant 72-61. No audio archives, sorry.

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08 December 2011

PC vs. Boston College

The Friars got the W in a game where BC did a great job controlling the pace, beating the Eagles 64-57 to get their fourth straight win. Wayyyyy late on the on the replay front, but here it is nonetheless.

First Half

Second Half

04 December 2011

PC vs. Brown

The Friars coasted to a 80-49 victory vs. Brown tonight. For those who missed it, I'll have the replays up as soon as they're ready.

 Still converting, but should be working in a half hour or so, I'm off to bed. Gonna try a different format so converting doesn't take so long next time.

Edit- ESPN3 already has game replay up, blackout free, though they only keep it up for a couple weeks so I'll leave these here.

 First Half


Second Half