26 May 2011

FriarTV on StreamTorrent

Flash streams are great, though too often they are littered with ads, require better than average connections, and have a high frequency of getting shut down. Many alternatives in the P2P world have popped up, and one of my favorites is StreamTorrent(Windows only).
Though the quality can't really compare to high end flash streams, it handles low-to-mid-bandwidth streams very well for the end-user, and for the streamer, when combined with Windows Media Encoder, has simple screencasting capabilities, enabling the rebroadcast of anything on the screen.(Major Sports subscriptions, etc.)

In today's blog, I'll show you how to get StreamTorrent up and running and get the FriarTV channel ready for the upcoming season.

StreamTorrent Instructions

1. Download StreamTorrent
2. Navigate to downloaded zip and extract.
3. Double-Click StreamTorrent10Build0078.exe
4. In Setup window, click Next>I Agree>Next>Next>Install>Finish
5. Click here to open the FriarTV Channel
(once ST is installed, you can click this link to open the channel, or alternatively, open StreamTorrent from your Programs and once opened, select the channel from there.)


Once the channel window opens up, please be patient. It will look like nothing is happening for at least the first minute, sometimes up to 5-10 minutes. The window will either be an ad or possibly say page not displayed. The only status you should be worried about is the bar on the bottom. As long as you are making some progress buffering it is probably working.