30 December 2011

PC vs. Georgetown

PC lost an uggo 49-40. I'm getting lazy, replay is at ESPN3 for the next week or so. I'll put it up when they take it down.

26 December 2011

PC vs. St. Johns

I can't muster up the courage to make a replay or highlights of that game, so we'll pretend that it doesn't exist and move on for the time being.

22 December 2011

PC vs. Rhode Island

PC won its seventh straight, beating rival URI 80-61 at the Ryan Center. Here's the replay in case you missed it, or if you just want to watch the beautiful drubbing again.

In addition to the full game archive, I also threw together some highlights. Enjoy!

Full Archived Game

First Half

Second Half

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20 December 2011

PC vs. New Hampshire

PC wins again, beating UNH 67-52.  Ad pops up in new window/tab, close it, find the FriarTV window and the play button should then be green and ready to go.
First Half

Second Half (fixed)

10 December 2011

PC vs. Bryant

PC won ugly in a game much closer than expected, beating Bryant 72-61. No audio archives, sorry.

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08 December 2011

PC vs. Boston College

The Friars got the W in a game where BC did a great job controlling the pace, beating the Eagles 64-57 to get their fourth straight win. Wayyyyy late on the on the replay front, but here it is nonetheless.

First Half

Second Half

04 December 2011

PC vs. Brown

The Friars coasted to a 80-49 victory vs. Brown tonight. For those who missed it, I'll have the replays up as soon as they're ready.

 Still converting, but should be working in a half hour or so, I'm off to bed. Gonna try a different format so converting doesn't take so long next time.

Edit- ESPN3 already has game replay up, blackout free, though they only keep it up for a couple weeks so I'll leave these here.

 First Half


Second Half


30 November 2011

PC vs. South Carolina

The Friars got a solid road victory against a major conference team, winning 76-67 at South Carolina.

 I fell asleep at the wheel again on the archive front, but Friarbasketball.net put together a highlight reel focusing on the top 3 Friar performers. Good stuff.

28 November 2011

PC vs. Holy Cross

The Friars pulled out a gutsy victory tonight as they defeated the Crusaders of Holy Cross, 82-77. Here's the archives in case you missed it.

First Half Replay

Halftime Show(Audio)

Second Half Replay

Post Game Show(Audio)

26 November 2011

PC vs. Northern Iowa

The Friars lose another one, as they fall 79-62 to UNI. Nights like these were expected for a team with eight schloarship players learning a brand new system. Let's hope we see some improvement against Holy Cross.

Edit- Looks like the copyright filter caught this replay at Dailymotion. Will have it up again soon.

Pre-game Interview with Coach Cooley

Halftime Show

Post Game

24 November 2011

PC vs. Iowa State

The Friars took their first hit of the year, losing 64-54 to Iowa State in South Padre Island, falling to 4-1.

First Half Replay

Halftime Show

Second Half Replay

Postgame Show

21 November 2011

PC vs. Southern

Second Half Replay

16 November 2011

PC vs. Florida A&M

First Half Replay
Second Half Replay. Be sure to turn the volume down.

 Post Game Analysis with John and Joe

14 November 2011

PC vs. Fairfield

Second Half Replay

A piece of the first half and the entire second half of the friars win against Fairfield.

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Fairfield Post Game with John and Joe (unedited)

Or click here to download as mp3 and take it with you.

12 November 2011

PC vs. Fairleigh Dickinson

Replay of the PC-FDU Game. Sorry for the ads, can't really find a better solution for on-demand copyrighted material.

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Second Half

05 November 2011

PC vs. UMass-Lowell

Can't imagine there is much demand for a radio replay of an exhibition game, but I'll leave this here anyway.

Full Game

Post Game Show

Halftime Interview

25 October 2011

PC vs. Assumption

Unfortunately there will be no video for the Friars first exhibition tonight against Assumption, but I did stumble upon a reliable radio feed nonetheless. Check back in closer to gametime to listen in!

Edit: Live Now!

First one seemed stuttery, found one at a different site.

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23 October 2011

2011 Mal Brown Scrimmage

For those out-of-towners who want to catch a glimpse of this years team, here is the full 2011 Mal Brown Scrimmage. It was shot with my phone, so needless to say its not broadcast quality, but I'm sure it will suffice for those who want a sneak peek at Coach Cooley's squad.

17 September 2011

Dave Gavitt Tribute Video

Friday night we lost one of the great people in the history of basketball, former PC head coach and founder of the Big East, Dave Gavitt. Here is a terrific tribute video by Fields of Vision showcasing some of his accomplishments, and just how great of a man he was.

Dave Gavitt tribute from Fields of Vision on Vimeo.

31 August 2011

Big East Schedule Announced

Though the opponents were already known for a few weeks now, the Big East Conference released the game dates for the upcoming season. The Friars will play on national TV 5 times this year.(7 if you count the 2 South padre Invitational games on CBS Sports Network, though some cable providers don't carry that channel.) All the remaining Big East games will be carried on ESPN regional affilates and/or ESPN3.com, as well as right here at FriarTV.
Tue, Oct 25Assumption (Exhib.)*TBA 
Sat, Nov 05Umass-Lowell (Exhib.)TBA 
Sat, Nov 12Fairleigh DickinsonTBA 
Mon, Nov 14@ FairfieldTBA 
Sat, Nov 19Florida A&MTBA 
Tue, Nov 22SouthernTBA 
Fri, Nov 25Iowa State (@SPI)8:30PMCBS-SN
Sat, Nov 26Northern Iowa (@SPI)7:30PMCBS-SN
Tue, Nov 29Holy CrossTBA 
Thu, Dec 01@ South Carolina7:00PMESPNU
Mon, Dec 05BrownTBA 
Thu, Dec 08Boston CollegeTBA 
Sat, Dec 10BryantTBA 
Tue, Dec 20New HampshireTBA 
Fri, Dec 23@ URITBA 
Tue, Dec 27@St. John's7:00PM 
Sat, Dec 31@Georgetown2:00PMESPN2
Tue, Jan 04Syracuse2:00PM 
Fri, Jan 07Seton Hall4:00PM 
Mon, Jan 10Louisville7:00PMESPN2
Fri, Jan 14@Syracuse2:00PM 
Fri, Jan 21Marquette9:00PM 
Tue, Jan 25@Pittsburgh7:00PM 
Sat, Jan 29@South FloridaTBA 
Tue, Feb 01Rutgers7:00PMESPNU
Sat, Feb 05West VirginiaTBA 
Mon, Feb 07@VillanovaTBA 
Fri, Feb 11South Florida3:00PM 
Tue, Feb 15@Cincinnati9:00PMESPNU
Fri, Feb 18GeorgetownTBA 
Fri, Feb 25@DePaul9:00PM 
Mon, Feb 28UconnTBA 
Wed, Mar 02@Notre DameTBA 
Sun, Mar 06@Big East TournamentTBD 
 *at Alumni Hall 

29 August 2011

A New Era Begins Mixtape

All this recruiting news has gotten me pumped up for the season much earlier than usual. In an effort to spread the feeling, here's a mix I threw together mashing up cooley's presser and highlights of most of the current roster.

27 August 2011

Boost Mobile Elite 24 with Nerlens Noel live now on FriarTV!

If you don't have StreamTorrent yet, click here to start downloading automatically.

After unzipping and installing, click here to open the FriarTV ST Channel.

If for some reason clicking the link won't work, open StreamTorrent, click File>Add, then copy and paste this url into the blank box:


Upon opening the channel, a page will pop saying website not found. IGNORE IT. The only progress that matters is that of the buffering bar. It may take a few minutes to connect, but StreamTorrent guarantees no blackouts from copyright violations or any of that bullshit, and gives you a nice resizable window.


Watch Nerlens Noel Live Tonight on FriarTV

Nerlens Noel will be playing in the Boost Mobile Elite 24 at 7PM on ESPNU tonight, with 23 of the other best high schoolers in the country. This one doesn't seem to be streaming on ESPN3, so someone I know will be streaming the game live to those who don't have ESPNU at home. For info on how to watch, check out the tutorial here. Windows only(or Linux with Wine), sorry Mac users. For now, tune in and watch some Sportscenter and the RedSox at Noon. My apologies if there are interruptions early on, as someone I know will be trying to work out the kinks before the game tonight.

In addition, keep an eye out for Noel highlights from tonight's event as soon as I get a chance to cut it up.

26 August 2011

Zach Auguste Mixtape

I threw together this little highlight reel of PC target Zach Auguste, an athletic 6-10 forward/center from Marlborough, MA who blocks shots, faces up well, and runs the floor as well as any big in the country. A problem remains, however, in that if the Friars get Ledo to commit, which many expect to happen early next week, they will be out of scholarships for the 2012 season. In years past, a brizzing would have been an easy solution, but the resulting hit to the APR is more costly with the new standards. Still, things like these have a way of working themselves out, and Auguste is a local talent worth making room for.

03 July 2011

Josh Fortune Highlight Video

Here's a short video with the spotlight on 2012 commit Josh Fortune at EYBL in Hampton, VA. Fortune, a former Keno commitment, recently indicated he will still attend PC with Coach Cooley at the helm. He's still a year away, but Fortune will provide some desperately needed shooting help for the Friars.

30 June 2011


In addition to live video feeds of games when available, there will also be free live radio coverage, including pregame and postgame featuring John Rooke and Joe Hassett. A public broadcast should be free for all, not just those in range of a signal. Keep an eye out for updates.

26 May 2011

FriarTV on StreamTorrent

Flash streams are great, though too often they are littered with ads, require better than average connections, and have a high frequency of getting shut down. Many alternatives in the P2P world have popped up, and one of my favorites is StreamTorrent(Windows only).
Though the quality can't really compare to high end flash streams, it handles low-to-mid-bandwidth streams very well for the end-user, and for the streamer, when combined with Windows Media Encoder, has simple screencasting capabilities, enabling the rebroadcast of anything on the screen.(Major Sports subscriptions, etc.)

In today's blog, I'll show you how to get StreamTorrent up and running and get the FriarTV channel ready for the upcoming season.

StreamTorrent Instructions

1. Download StreamTorrent
2. Navigate to downloaded zip and extract.
3. Double-Click StreamTorrent10Build0078.exe
4. In Setup window, click Next>I Agree>Next>Next>Install>Finish
5. Click here to open the FriarTV Channel
(once ST is installed, you can click this link to open the channel, or alternatively, open StreamTorrent from your Programs and once opened, select the channel from there.)


Once the channel window opens up, please be patient. It will look like nothing is happening for at least the first minute, sometimes up to 5-10 minutes. The window will either be an ad or possibly say page not displayed. The only status you should be worried about is the bar on the bottom. As long as you are making some progress buffering it is probably working.